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    Unanswered: Unable to Drop database

    Hi All,

    We have informix 9.21 UC2 running on solaris.

    We want to change the database code set from default (ISO8859-1)
    to UTF-8 . I have few questions reg this.

    1. Do i need to set both CLIENT_LOCALE and DB_LOCALE in the server
    dbimport? Developer is telling he will set the code set to UTF-8 in
    appln and browser , do i still need to set CLIENT_LOCALE ?

    2. Do i need to set at the client application aslo as UTF-8?

    3. Is there any effect if i don't change SERVER_LOCALE?

    4. I am just trying on testing box ,
    i have updated the systables
    Update systables set site ='en_US.UTF-8' where tabid in(90,91);
    and did import the database.
    Now neither i can drop the database nor i can use it .. ..
    Later i gone through the GLS directoryand i found that instead of
    en_US.UTF-8 it is en_us.utf8 i changed to same . Even after that same

    But in the sysdbslocale it shows en_US.819 and systables shows

    Please suggest how to drop such database as i do not more disk space.
    It is highly appreciated.

    5. I have created another database with utf8 it is working fine ...but
    if i give command env in unix it does not show DB_LOCALE..

    5. By giving oninit -i will it remove the chunks and dbspaces?

    Do i need to set this as permanent env variable ? Please advise me
    your help is highly appreciated.


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    Hi Kalpana,

    This is how i have created a utf8 database at my end.
    First i set DB_LOCALE & CLIENT_LOCALE to en_us.utf8
    I did not set my SERVER_LOCALE. You are right your user will set the codeset thru application. Then i create a new database, then i do an info for the database and select NLS i get the foll. output.
    NLS Capabilities and Attributes
    en_US.57372 Collating Sequence
    en_US.57372 CType
    Your database is ready to use. You can try inserting multi-lingual data.To check your env. variables you need to give the command echo $DB_LOCALE, echo $CLIENT_LOCALE at unix prompt.
    Hope it helps.



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