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    Unanswered: installation problem

    I tried to install MSSQL Enterprise Server 2000 at Windows 2000 Server (SP4). It looks fine during the option selection but after I enter the sa password and click Next, the installation program hangs and a process setupsql.exe still remains on system. I can only end this process at Task Manager. What's wrong there and how can I fix it?

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    Have you used this CD or copy to install other places? Also, after this install fails have you looked to see if it shows up in the installed programs list? You might need to clean the registry up for this to work now. I would call MS support on this one though if you can't figure it out, because you might end up reinstalling the OS to get it to work now. It's $250 per incident.

    I would try another CD first if you have one.
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