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    Unhappy Unanswered: MSDE can't access my database

    Hi all

    I have MSDE installed on my machine to support off-line use of a web application.

    The database (MDF) file in question is stored on an encrypted area of my hard drive, which must be unlocked each time the machine starts up by the user entering a password.

    Unfortunately, by this time the SQL Server service has already started, and although it still lists the database along with master, etc, it cannot access it. I believe the error mentions that some files are unavailable.

    Stopping and restarting SQL Server using Service Manager fixes this problem. However, this can only be done when logged in as Administrator. I need to find a solution for normal users without Admin privileges.

    Is there any other way of making the now-unlocked MDF file available to SQL Server? I thought about using SQLDMO to Refresh databases, but no joy.

    This is a real show stopper for my application, which I've spent three years developing! It goes without saying that I'm writing this message with a long face. If anybody has any suggestions I would be very happy to hear from you!

    Best wishes

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    I had similar situation when an external hard drive is being used as a data device location, and by the time SQLServer service starts the drive is not available yet. This puts the database in Suspect mode. I had to create a batch file to deactivate the device, stop SQLServer and SQLAgent services, reactivate the device, and restart the services.
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