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    Question Unanswered: scripts with table name variable DB2 UDB V8


    Running on windows 2000. I am designing an archiving process which will run daily against 1 of 31 tables that store a days worth of data. The process exports to a file with a select, loads the file into a monthly table and then loads a dummy file to the daily to empty it.
    Rather than write seperate scripts for each I am trying to generically create the export command into a file using the day portion of current date and then executing that file.
    The problem is that I am getting a ';' in the 1st character of the generated file. I need to ether find a way of preventing this or to run a batch edit via some OS command to remove it.
    Any ideas or sugestions will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    You can put all your commands in the script/batch file and use

    db2 -td@ -f <file_name>

    Here the statement termintor is @



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