Hi All Experts,
I need your help / suggestions on my issue please. My Platform: Oracle9i R-2 on Sun Solaris 9.

We have created a database instance on Solaris with Character Set as UTF8 for Hindi usage. Mu requirement is to store a record in a table via SQL-PLUS.

1. I have created a table named WHS like this in this database instance:
create table whs
(wh_cd number(3,0) not null,
wh_descr varchar2(30) not null)

2. I have already set & enabled my client keyboard setting to work in both way i.e. in english or in Hindi by isntalling some Mangal font etc. The Hindi can be typed in notepad or MS-word and can be copied & paste by ctrl-C & ctrl-V.

3. Now, i open my SQL-PLUS and try to insert a record in the table WHS with copied values for wh_descr field in hindi by ctrl-V, it is typed as '????' & also being stored like '?????' only. By seeing select * from whs; [That is, SQL-PLUS not able to show in proper format in Hindi]. insert into whs values (1,'??????','2639',sysdate);

4. I have also done some few seeting to work in the same way using Oracle9i forms. I am able to enter a record via Oracle9i forms in Hindi. The value of description is being pasted in hindi and it is being stored in database table WHS. To work with forms in Hindi, i have done some certain settings in form builder environment etc. etc. I can see only '????' in the tables by select * from whs; in SQL-PLUS. But, when i fetch the record in the form, i am able to see all my records well in Hindi Language. That is, it is all working well in the Oracle forms.

I can presume the data is being stored well in Hindi language in tables in UTF8 charset database. But, i am not able to view the same through SQL-PLUS from my client. How can i do this. I have also set NLS_LANGUAGE to hindi but of no use.

I also checked some post on Metalink, one of this says that you have to ensure that required support files for the language has been installed uwing the "product languages" option. How to check this..??

Can anyone help me in this regard..? Please help & suggest some tips / solutions / workaround. Waitign ur response pls.

Kamesh Rastogi