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    Question Unanswered: Active directory Update

    I want to write a trigger that add a new computer account in my active directory when I do an Insert in my MSSQL table.

    I know how to use SELECTstatements using LDAP but I want to do a INSERT statement. Is that even possible?
    Can you write vb code directly in SP i mssql 2000?

    What I think I have to do is to have a vbscript that does the adding then call the script using exetended SP cmd execute passing the name to the script.

    If someone has a another solutions please let me know!


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    I've written simple ActiveX out-of-process OLE servers using VB. This is not hard to do. But I think you're going from the wrong direction. I'd rather add a computer account using LDAP from my VB code and then fire a stored procedure to update whatever you want to update. The other way around is possible too, but it doesn't make it easier, not does it make it right either.
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