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    Unanswered: display chart based on csv-file with forms


    I'd like to display with Forms 10g a chart, which is based at the moment on a (bfile-object) csv-file. The structure of the csv-file is:



    How can this be done ?

    For security reasons the bfile-object will be replaced by an object which is saved in the database itself, perhaps a blob.

    Please show/give me detailed instructions. I looked at the Forms Online-Help Graphics-Builder Tour but it did not work, some og. commands were not found...

    Is there a difference in using or displaying charts with Forms 6i and Forms 10g ??

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    I dont know if there is any difference between any versions, since I haven't used 10g, but I am actually using 6i. To display a Chart, I use the Graphics solution that came with Developer 6i. While there is almost no situation when I have to use one in a form, I have use them a lot in reports generation. Try to play a litle bit with it, and see if you can understand it further. One thing you must have in mind is that, the Graphcis gets generated from actual data, meaning this that you must have it somewhere before launching it.

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