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    Exclamation Unanswered: infromix is getting crashed

    My instance is getting crashed after I have made some chanes in parameters as follows

    NUMCPUVPS from 4 to 5.
    PHYSBUFF from 200 to 500
    SHMVIRTSIZE from 458752 to 589779

    As I know there is bug in 7.32.UC5 regarding check point interval.But this is 7.31.UD5.
    I am attaching crash file generated by informix.

    Can any one help ?
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    Lightbulb Baan and extents.....


    I can see you're running Baan.
    With more than 2000 tables for every company in Baan, and if extent size not configured properly the actual query crashing the engine will reads an enormous amount from sysextents.

    SELECT dbsname, tabname, count(*) extents FROM sysextents WHERE
    dbsname NOT IN
    ('sysmaster','HASHTEMP','SORTTEMP','sysutils','sys cdr','onpload') AND
    tabname != 'TBLSpace' AND tabname[1,3] != 'sys' GROUP BY dbsname,
    tabname ORDER BY extents DESC, dbsName, tabName

    This query is started from Patrol (.....) . Disable this part of Patrol.
    Use the column "nextns" from sysptnhdr from the sysmaster db joined with systabnames to find out the number of axternts per table/fragment.
    Or shutdown Patrol alltogether.....

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