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Thread: onbar and TSM

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    Exclamation Unanswered: onbar and TSM

    Hi folks,

    We're trying out onbar (IDS 9.4 on AIX5.1) and TSM 5.2.

    I'm having a few questions some of you might know the answer:

    Let's say I take a whole level 0 backup every evening.

    Can I, on friday, restore the L0 backup I took monday ?
    If I run onbar -r -w -p, it will restore the last L0 backup I took, eg thrusday night. But it's not the one I want to restore ...

    Another example:
    Let's know suppose that I take a L0 every evening and a L1 every lunch time.
    We're friday, and I want to restore the L0 I took 3 weeks ago.

    How do I do that?
    Is that a TSM stuff?

    Thank you guys,


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    I think that run onbar -r -w or onbar -r -p, not onbar -r -w -p.


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    You can do a point in time restore and point to the time just after the Level-0 completed on Monday.

    Make sure you salvage the logs before the restore.


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    point in time/log restore

    Hummm, in my mind, using a storage manager would manage my backups, and I would be able to tell him exactly what I want to restore, just as I am able to restore a certain version of a file.

    Doing PIT or PIL restore doesn't look to me like an option, just imagine if I need to restore today the L0+L1 I took, say 6 months ago ....

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