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    Ecommerce Database Question

    I want to create an ecommerce database that can support multiple product types. Every article or tutorial I come across on the subject of ecommerce only deals with one type of product in the design which makes things simple.

    I am interested in creating a database that can support multiple product types such as music, apparel and misc. accessories. Each of these product types has it's own set of unique attributes. For example, music is associated with an Artist, a Genre, a Format (CD/Vinyl) and a Record Label. Apparel can have a Type (Shirt, Shoes), a size and a color.

    In what way can I create the appropriate database schema to treat each item as a generic product but yet associate the necessary attributes or options as needed.

    Thanks, Any help would be appreciated.

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    This Data Model on the Database Answers web site answers your question by showing an example of Inheritance in Product Types for e-Commerce Games web site :-


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