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    Unanswered: Can anyone help me in designing

    My requirement is stated below.

    I have a multi-record data block. Id is one of the column in that block. Now based on the id, I have to update another column percent. ie. if i change the percent value say 100 for a id 1001, then all the records in that block that are having the same id 1001 should be updated with 100. I tried implementing this using the POST-TEXT-ITEM trigger. But I was not able to do so. Can anyone help it out?


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    I assume this is pertaining to Oracle Forms.
    Have a button outside this block. let the user update one "percent" values and then click this button. On this button press, scroll thru all the records and update your "percent" values for those ids. OR udpate the base table for that id and execute the query in our block.

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    It's been some time since I worked on Oracle Forms.

    Here's how I would do it.

    In a procedure, do the following:

    1. Store the position of the current record.
    2. Traverse throught he block, starting from the first_record.
    (a) IF the ID matches, then set the proper field value.
    (b) Go to next_record;
    3. When you reach the last_record, go to the record that you were on initially.

    Call this procedure from an appropriate trigger.


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