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    Unanswered: Oracle instance and database not mounting

    Hi gurus,

    We have a 64 bit Oracle 9i instance running on Solaris 8 (64bit) server and cannot get the database instance to start in mount mode. Completed a database migration, we copied the control files, archive logs, and redo logs to new disk volume.

    ORA-01507: database not mounted

    When I try to mount instance and database get this error message:

    ORA-00205: error in identifying controlfile, check alert log for more info

    I then checked the alert<sid>.log file and contain this message:

    Fri Jul 23 10:22:21 2004
    Fri Jul 23 10:22:21 2004
    ORA-00202: controlfile: '/data01/oracle/control01.ctl'
    ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status
    SVR4 Error: 2: No such file or directory
    Additional information: 3
    Fri Jul 23 10:22:21 2004
    ORA-205 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE MOUNT.

    How can I resolve this problem? Thanks!

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    You need to check on what is wrong with the listed control file. Check to make sure it is where it is supossed to be and the spelling (including capalization) is the same (i.e Control != control) If the file is missing you can use one of your other control files just copy it to this location and change its name to control01.ctl

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    I think there is more going on here than what is offered...

    Migrate from what to what? The same database in the exact same location from version 8 to 9? Migrate from 32 bit to 64 bit? Migrate from
    Copy from where to new disk volume - Why? You moved the original files from one directory structure into another or did they maintain the exact same names?
    Did the database exist in this environment before? Did it mount/open before this 'migrate'?
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