I have a problem with parameters in crosstab queries - well, actually queries that form the basis of crosstab queries. I have several products, a table containing every transaction, and need a summary of how much of each product was sold on each day in a user-specified period.

The first step is a query that returns a product description, the amount sold, and the date it was sold. The date is limited to user-inputted starting and ending dates. The condition field of the query builder reads ">=[Enter Starting Date] And <=[Enter Ending Date]". This query works fine.

I then used the crosstab wizard to create a second query based on the first one with the products as the rows and the dates as the columns. However, when I try to run this query I get the error message "The Microsoft Jet database engine does not recognize [Enter Starting Date] as a valid field or
expression." This is especially strange because it is only once the first query is used in the crosstab that Access complains about it!

I'm using Access 2003. Does anyone have any idea what's going wrong, and how I can work around this?