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    Unanswered: FileMaker on the Web

    I've got a couple questions about a FM 6 database I'm trying to host on the web. I'm fairly technically savvy, but keep in mind that I am not a programmer when you respond.

    I'm using the web companion to put a work order database online. I want people to be able to pull up the site and fill out the form, then submit it to the repro department.

    The web template it comes up with has the submit, clear, back buttons, etc. Is there any way to change those? I'd like to add the ability to print a copy of their work order. I had buttons on the actual database, but they won't work when they are online.

    Also, is there a way that when they click the submit button, it sends an email out to the people need notification? I've created a 'send mail' script, but I don't know how (or even if I can) attach the script to the submit link in the template.

    I like the look of the web companion format and I'd rather not build a whole new page to get around it.

    Any suggestions?


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    Hi, Andrea! FileMaker Pro 4-6 had 2 main options for web publishing... Instant Web Publishing (IWP) and Custom Web Publishing (CWP). With IWP, there's not much customizing you can do... IWP does its best based on your layouts, but you're stuck w/what it gives you. CWP on the other hand, allows you to do a lot more, but it requires at least basic web skills. If you are familiar w/Dreamweaver, GoLive, or similar applications, you can add a little of the CWP code called CDML into your web pages to get what you want but programming experience would help.

    As for you e-mail question, you can probably do it w/a script and Send Mail but you'd have to leave your Eudora/Outlook running and logged in and you'd have to come up with a way to auto-send the messages (Send Mail calls up messages on screen but you have to hit the SEND button to send them). If you did this in Custom Web Publishing, there are -mail tags/code that you can put in your web pages to send e-mails automatically.

    Here are a couple things you should note, too...

    FM5-6 had an IP address restriction and was not really suitable for internet publishing except for in-house intranet or something. For internet use, FMPro Unlimited was required ($). FM4 did not have the IP restriction.

    FM7 has changed web publishing quite a bit. CWP has been removed in the standard version and IWP has been drastically improved but it also has a limited number of users allowed.

    Oh, by the way... in FM4-6 there is an issue w/running scripts over the web in which simultaneous or near-simulaneous requests such that FM will ignore 1 and execute the other. Using the -mail tags in CWP is safer, but I'm not sure if you would really want to learn CDML coding, especially since FM has dropped it in FM7.

    Hope this helps some, though...

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    So...given that I'm using does the custom web design work? I've done my share of web work, although I'm not able to program in JAVA or Perl.

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    FileMaker on the web

    You have a few options to publish custom pages to the web with FileMaker.
    Check out FMWebschool they have numerous turorials and free resources to help you with FileMaker Web Publishing.

    In Kindness
    Stephen K Knight

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