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    Unanswered: How to make autonumber start from number 1 again!

    Hi there

    I have during the course of testing my DB used up some numbers and was just wandering if it is possible for the autonumber to start from 1 again.

    So new records entered by users can start from 001.

    Can anyone help me out pls?

    Many Thanks for ur help in advance.

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    Just remember the relations, delete the field, re-add, redo relations. That should work. Perhaps you should do a Search of this forum, once again. I know I asked this question.
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    Delete ALL the records from the table. And then compact the database.

    The autonumber should start back at 1.

    Just FYI
    1) Say you entered 10 records and then deleted 6 through 10. THe next autonumber that iw used will be 11. If you compact the database before entering a new database, it wil restart at 6 instead.
    2) Say you entered 10 records and then deleted 2, 3,4,5, and 10. THe next autonumber that will used will be 10. It restarts at the next number after the highest autonumber that is in the table. This also applied to #1, but I wanted to just give you an easier example.

    Hope this helps!

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    re how to start autonumber from 1

    many thanks guys for ur replies

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