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    Unanswered: create temporary table in linux

    I have a query that I run on MySQL 4.0 that goes like this:
    create temporary table myTemp as (select name, id from myTable) union all (select name, id from myTable1) union all (select name, id from myTable2).
    This query runs in Windows (meaning myTemp gets created and I am able to run queries to myTemp)but does not run on Linux (meaning myTemp does not get created).
    Is there something additional that I need to do (say, grant additional permissions or something like that???)

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    Does your query produce an error message, hang, cause blue smoke to come out of the server, or something different when run in your Linux environment? The fact that the query does run under Windoze is significant, since that means that the query is syntactically correct and will run under some version of MySQL.

    There are lots of ways that your query can "not run", each way with significantly different causes/solutions!


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