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    Unanswered: sql in vba

    I have a query tha refers to some combos in a form. It is designed in order to give the user the possibility to choose some parameters and filter the data. When the user click a the runquery button a subform will display the resul of the query (stored). Everything works perfectly. Now what I would like to do is to give the possibility to the user to work with the records selected by the query.
    The idea was to populate a recordset with the result of the query but I really cannot make the stored query working in a VBA module. I think I tried all the possible combinations of double and single quotes, but I came to a dead point: the message I get is this a type mismatch error(13):

    here is the query:

    strSql = "SELECT tbl_Person.Per_Name, tbl_Person.Per_LastName, tbl_Type.Typ_ID, tbl_Country.Cou_ID, tbl_Person.Per_ID FROM tbl_Country RIGHT JOIN (tbl_Type RIGHT JOIN tbl_Person ON tbl_Type.Typ_ID=tbl_Person.Per_Type) ON tbl_Country.Cou_ID=tbl_Person.Per_Country WHERE ((ISNULL(tbl_Type.[typ_ID]) AND '" & Forms!Form1!Cbo_Type.Value & "' = '" * "') OR tbl_Type.[typ_ID] Like '" & Forms!Form1!Cbo_Type.Value & "') AND ((ISNULL(tbl_Country.[Cou_ID]) AND '" & Forms!Form1!cbo_country.Value & "' = '" * "') OR tbl_Country.[cou_ID] Like '" & Forms!Form1!cbo_country.Value & "') AND ((ISNULL(tbl_Person.[per_name]) AND '" & Forms!Form1!cbo_Person.Value & "' = '" * "') OR tbl_Person.[per_name] Like '" & Forms!Form1!cbo_Person.Value & "');"

    thanks for helping

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    Take a look at your parentheses balance "(" and ")". A quick look shows the you are closing the last parenthese without opening one.

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