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    Angry Unanswered: Running Report from a Form - REP-0503

    using Oracle 9I / windows 2000
    using "get_reort_object" / "run_report_object"
    fired by a "when button pressed" trigger

    message "You have not specified the name of the report"
    (not true)

    I have entered the report name on the form with and without the path.
    Placed several copies of the report file in different directories to check search path
    Check search path using regedit

    Need to resolve ASAP

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    When running an Oracle 9i Form that calls an Oracle 9i Report using the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built-in, the following error is received: "REP-503 You did not specify the name of a report" This error typically indicates that the specified report cannot be found in the REPORTS_PATH on the Report Server. However, you are successfully able to run the report from the Report Builder and / or from the following URL: http://machine.domian:8888/reports/r...ep_machinename Solution Description -------------------- 1) Verify that a valid Report Server has been specified for the report in the form. This error can occur when upgrading from Developer 6i to 9i. The Report Server parameter is required for 9i Forms, though it is optional for 6i Forms. The Report Server can be defined by: o Specifying the "Report Server" property in the Form Builder or, o Using the SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY built-in: SET_REPORT_OBJECT_PROPERTY(myreport,REPORT_SERVER, 'rep_machinename'); 2) Verify that the pathing information is set properly for the desired Report Server, by checking the following locations for the REPORTS_PATH: * Check the reportservername.conf file in the $ORACLE_HOME/reports/server directory. * Check the Forms default.env directory in the $ORACLE_HOME/forms90/server * Check the environment at the time the OC4J engine was started. Typically, if you can run the report by hard coding the filename and directory name into the "File Name" property of the Report object or the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT command then the problem is a pathing issue.
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