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    Unanswered: How to get my total text box to work, pls?

    Hi there

    I have this code that I want to work on my total text box and I am not exactly sure how to make this code do the claculation correctly

    Public Function total(AmountinPounds As Currency, commamount as Currency) As Currency
    Dim total As Currency
    If commamount >= 2000 Then
    total = AmountinPounds * 0.3
    total = AmountinPounds + commamount
    End If
    End Function

    On my control total how can I convert this to work. ?

    users would be keying in the commamount for anything less than 2000 but amount above 2000 the computer would automatically mutiple by 0.3 is this a possible? Or how can I go about this.

    This is what I want to put on the control total?

    can anyone help pls?

    Many Thanks

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    The question you need to ask is"From where does this need to be invoked?"
    Assigning the value itself is easy:


    But you have say from where it will be called from ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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    Use the IIF statement. i.e.

    =IIF(commamount >= 2000,AmountinPounds * 0.3,AmountinPounds + commamount)

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