Hello all,

We are using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition as our OLAP server. It has been performing very well until just recently, when I have been unable to connect to the server via Analysis Manager.

The error returned is :

“Cannot connect to the repository. Error: Unrecognized database format”

The message also displays the path to the repository file, which is correct.

The repository is stored as a mdb.

Cubes on the server can still be queried by OLAP viewing tools.

I have reinstalled Analysis Services Service pack 3a and restarted the server but the problem remains.

Has anyone come up against this problem? I am really not sure what would be the best next step. Options I am considering are:

 Attempt to open the mdb in Access with a view to repairing it

 Attempt to migrate the repository from access to SQL Server. From what I know though, this can only be done via a wizard which is only available through Analysis Manager which of course I cannot access…

 Reinstall Analysis Services

As well I am wondering what might have triggered the problem. The server has only a few users at this stage and is not experiencing heavy loads at all.

Any advice on this issue would be very much appreciated. I have spent some time looking for similar cases but have been unsuccessful.