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    Unanswered: one client many server

    i have a project to develope one program that can control another
    computer. i have one client and many servers..when the client
    (lecturer side) connect to the servers (students side) via network
    both keyboard and mouse at the server (student side) can not be
    function. student just can view full screen of lecturer (client)
    monitor. that mean student cannot do another job at that time.and
    when the connection is release the keyboard and mouse (at
    server/student side) will be normal question any body know
    what should i do to make this program or help me to start this
    project?? between VB and c++ which is more easier. what the
    requirement should i use.tq

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    Use Terminal Server, PC Anywhere, or another similar product designed to do this?

    Even if you put VERY little value on your time, you can't possibly save enough to equip even a very small training center by writing this yourself!


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