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    Unanswered: Inporting DBIII in FileMaker for Mac

    I bough a new portable computer and I decided this time for an Apple!

    I have oldDBF files in these format:

    old fashioned DBIII Plus
    Access files

    Do you know if Filemaker Pro for MAC can easily import these files?

    Thank you for any tip.

    Best regards,


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    Talking I got the answer


    I noted that 7 people had look at this post, but nobody answered.

    I was lucky I got the answer directly from FileMaker technical assistance...

    File Maker Pro 7.0 per Mac can import directly .DBF files.
    It can not import Access files. It is possible to save Access files in TXT files separated with comma. File Maker can import those files....

    What impressed me is the help that File Maker assistance gave me: I am not yet a client; I still have to buy the program, but they gave my technical assistance.

    I can compare this assistance with Microsoft Access assistance: I AM SO HAPPY I AM MOVING TO APPLE!!!!

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