Hi Every body,
My name is Viswa. I have a problem with Designer.

I would like to maintain Versioning with following requirements.

1. Main branch representing the Production database.
2. As many branches as the currently running projects. As soon as one project ends, and moves to production that branch has to be terminated and merged into Mainbranch.
3. I would like to maintain ONLY the changes/enhancements/deletions of a release in the corresponding branch (If this is possible).
4. Also, as an information, we are maintaining only the data structures (Tables/Views/Procedures/Packages) and not the Forms/Reports in the Repository.

5. Now the question is how should I proceed? How many work areas, app systems, containers I should be having?

Any guidance is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
viswa (viswapsp@hotmail.com