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    Unanswered: Is this the best option? How to have access to tables later?

    Hi there

    I have my db ready, basically 2 to 3 users would be using it with only one user having access to it at a time. Hence I would just upload to the c drive of the main PC in the office.

    So in order for users not to have access to tables, queries, design view etc, I have gone into tools- start up and removed the ticks from the boxes there (basically disabled all the features), on testing it every thing is locked up...that is okay. (I mean users have no access to change anything)

    But what if I wanted to have access to the underlying tables or queries later? E.g. in case of changes to the tables or queries or maintenance purpose. Is this going to be possible to reverse this action?

    This bit confuses me or am I missing something or is there another better way to do this?

    can someone help me out pls.

    Many Thanks

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    You should've always 2 copies of your databases

    1. that you use in real productin
    2. the other you should've as a master developer's copy (which sometimes can be your life saving copy in case of any disaster)

    (So always make a copy of your development work before making any major change and then give the production copy to users for their use and keep your (developer's copy intact) - as you can always import tables and queires but some times it is not possible to import forms, reports, macros and VBA modules if you've compiled your database, locked or password procted your master database and you don't have a uncompiled or developer's master copy)

    - Saqib

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    re how to

    Many Thanks for ur reply. Very helpful.

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