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    Unanswered: Answers needed for these multiple choice questions

    Question 1) Can you use the functions nvl and decode as well as the CASE statement interchangeably?

    A Only NVL with DECODE and vice versa
    B Only Decode with CASE statement and vice versa.
    C NVL with Decode or CASE statement as well as Decode and Case Statement interchangeably
    D All three can be used interchangeably

    Question 2) An inner join

    A Is preferred if it meets business requirements
    B Requires a (+) sign in the sql syntax for Oracle
    C Should never be used on dimensional metrics
    D A and B
    E A and C only

    Question 3) You can use a Sub-select in a query after

    A The FROM clause
    B The IN clause
    C The '=' operator
    D All of the above
    E All of the above and more

    Question 4) Many to Many relationships:

    A Result in double-counting
    B May be resolved in different ways but using a relationship table is always preferred.
    C Should be avoided as far as possible for simplicity
    D All of the above
    E A and C only

    Question 5) Views:

    A Often minimize re-work during the development or integration phase
    B Can be used to implement security
    C Can be materialized in recent versions of Oracle
    D None of the above
    E All of the above


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    Why do you want us to GIVE you these answers? Why don't you study and do the homework yourself?
    When life gives you a lemon, fire the DBA.

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    I sure did a sincere attempt as far as homework goes also with a mixed success. For example, when I tried this on my database , I found that Question 1) could be D, Question 3) could be E and so on. And however, I may not be the strongest in logical reasoning, and hence seeking suggestions because second opinions and suggestions are valuable as they are. Atleast I will have a chance to correct myself in the chance that I may be wrong in what I thought or found. It is possible.


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