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    Unanswered: Temp Tablespaces

    hi all,

    when Temporary Tablespace is 98 % full.What should be the immediate action to be Taken?

    1)Needs to coalesce;

    2) Added datafile

    Pls replay ASAP


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    This is not necessarily a bad thing or a reason to panic - even though Oracle may have finished with temp space it doesn't automatically 'free' it - it stays marked as used. Oracle will just keep going to the end of the free space available, and then take what it needs from the "finished with but still marked" space; so although it says '98% full' it doesn't actually mean that - Oracle has used 98% of the free space, but when it needs more it will take as much as it needs from what was used previously but is now available for re-use.

    The tablespace will continue to say 98%, unless you decide to increase the temp tablespace & file sizes or drop & recreate the temp file.
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