This is a very very urgent question.

ON a P4 windows 2000 professional server, when I try to upgrade a 12.0 server to ASE12.5, I got errormessage that "failed to start Old sybase server".
Below is my step:
1) install a 12.0 server, build server(master db and other db have been created to be big enough to upgrade to 12.5 server).(I have used jre1.1 patch from sybase)
2) then install a 12.5 server to another directory.
3) restart machine, and use Start/Program/Sybase/Syconfig, select "Upgrade Adaptive Server...", and press contine in "RElease Path " window, Select server I want to upgrade in "Existing Servers" window, then press contine, then input login of SA and press continue, then I got a error window which said "failed to start Old sybase server"

have anyone met this issue ever ? I googled much in internet but have no clue on it.