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    Unanswered: Converting to SQL Server

    So where I work is thinking about one day moving to SQL server. Right now they have indexed files that aren't normalized with repeating fields in them and lots of repeat data and blank space (so a customer number in one file may be stored literally in 10 other files that are easily realted). In the intrest of saving time and money I think that they will not normalize, index, or anything to any of these files. From what I hear it will be a straight field by field creation for the most part and preserving the primary keys.

    My question: I keep thinking this is going to be massive hit on performance and maintaince. How much would converting in such a manner hurt the performance of their database and how much could it potentially add to maintaince?

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    Well, I'd suggest this approach (field-by-field and "file-by-file") to be taken regardless of what the final plan is. Simply because it'll be much easier to work with once it's done. But as step 2 of course some effort of normalization needs to be applied. I bet all their apps are doing DML right from the front-end, right?
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