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    Hi there !

    I need the guidance in this case. I checked it at every aspects but still not able to trace out the error. The problem is as follows :

    If some one get registered in my dad client website, he gets a password by email. But if someone get registered himself/herself using the domain "" he wouldn't get any such email. I don't know why the same component behaves like that..

    I am using CDONT component for sending the emails. Below are the code of that file :

    <%@ Language=VBScript %>
    <% Response.Expires = -1000 'Makes the browser not cache this page
    Response.Buffer = True 'Buffers the content so our Response.Redirect will work
    <% If Session("Loggeduser")=False then
    Response.Redirect ("/error.asp?user=notauthenticate")
    End if %>
    <!--#include virtual="/dbconnect.asp" -->

    Dim strchck, achckarray, i, Rs, found
    Set Rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
    Set Rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
    strchck = Request("selct")
    achckarray = split(strchck,",")
    found = 0
    For i = lbound(achckarray) to ubound(achckarray)
    if Request("alclass")="Allow" then
    sqlopr="update abcd set adminappr=1 where usernum='"& achckarray(i)&"'"
    end if
    if Request("delclass")="Delete" then
    sqlopr= " Delete from abcd where usernum='"& achckarray(i)&"'"
    end if
    Conn.Execute (sqlopr)
    found = found + 1

    For i = lbound(achckarray) to ubound(achckarray)
    if Request("alclass")="Allow" then
    sqldata = "select * from abcd where usernum='"& achckarray(i)&"'"
    Rs.Open sqldata,conn

    ' Sending an automated reply to the user when it successfully create thier Login.

    bdy = "Dear " & Rs("userfname")& " " & Rs("userlname") & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & "Your account is approved. Below are the details of your account :" & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & "User ID : " & Rs("userid")& " " & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & "Password : " & Rs("userpass")& "" & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & "Regards," & vbcrlf
    bdy=bdy & "Webmaster"
    Dim NewMail, Body
    Set NewMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
    NewMail.To= Rs("useremail")
    NewMail.From= ""
    Body= bdy
    NewMail.Subject = "Abcd Login Details"
    NewMail.Body = Body
    End if

    if found = 0 then
    Response.Redirect("pendaccount.asp?err=notchecked" )
    end if
    Set Rs= Nothing
    Set Rs1= Nothing
    Set Conn = Nothing

    Thanks for your time and co-operation.


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    Just from your description without even looking at the code, it sounds like the mail server at is probably filtering emails or blocking connections from suspected relays. Chances are, it's not the component at all. I'd check with your service provider.
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