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    Unanswered: ERROR: Missing pages

    How i handle the following issues on informix db:

    1) My application user fascing following execption:
    "Exception from Informix: XIX000:-211:Cannot read system catalog (sysprocplan). "
    i am able to query the table (sysprocplan) from dbaccess.
    i check the online.log ---no errors
    i checked space in db ---on problem
    i run oncheck -ce then --- i get following errors :
    oncheck -ce
    Validating extents for Space 'dvl_sblob3' ...

    Chunk Pathname Size Used Free
    ERROR: Missing pages between 4060 and 4066
    ERROR: Missing pages between 5688 and 5689
    9 /export/home/informix/xyz/links/xyz_sblob_1 51200 19759 31434
    Note: 'Used' = used metadata space + used user data space.
    'Free' = free user data space.

    2)There is one more problem i saw lot of very old oninit proccess runing through root user on unix server. Because this there might be pageout happing or should in kill the other old runing oninit proccess.

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    Please run oncheck -cS for dbspace 'dvl_sblob3'.
    See monitoring sbspaces in the Administrator’s Guide.


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    After running your command on test env.
    My db get crashed . It went down offline automatically.
    I had to bring it up with oninit..........
    I don't know what happened.........

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