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Thread: Return Values?

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    Unanswered: Return Values?

    Using ado, the _CommandPtr::Execute method returns a recordset. When calling a storedproc with this method, does the 'return' statement return the value in a recordset ?

    //c++ ADO
    _CommandPtr pCmd(__uuidof(Command));
    _RecordsetPtr pRs = pCmd->Execute(NULL, NULL, adCmdStoredProc);
    // Stored proc
    CREATE PROCEDURE usp_my_proc
    SELECT .... FROM tbMyTable WHERE x = something
    IF(@@ERROR <> 0)
               return -1
    What in the case of an error would be returned to pRs recordset?
    Any thoughts?

    Mike B

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    In the event of an error, the execute method will not return a recordset. It will return and error.
    If you want to obtain a return value rather than a recordset you should include an output parameter in your SP, SET its value and retrieve it after executing the SP.

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    That's not exactly correct. If @@error <> 0 then the return value will be what you specified in RETURN, in this case -1.
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