Hi there.

Not a question, just something I came across recently that ties in with the many threads lately about sudden "quirks", "reference issues", "dll failures", "dot vs bang inssues", etc. that likely have something to do with the very large number of "Updates" and "Fixes" coming from Microsoft for Windows 2K and XP.

I have an XP user who was suddenly experiencing "Access Application Errors" that would crash Access. Every other user of the FE, including other XP users, could sail through without error.

Since the error message that followed had nothing to do with the actual problem, it took a little while to figure it out.

We made sure DAO, ADO, Jet, Office and the OS were all up to date (or at least consistent across the board). We tried reverting to earlier "known good" version. We tried a full decompile follwed by a full compile. We even tried the "Reset the References" fix, which has been the Penicillin of quirk fixes lately.

Turns out I used =Date() as a default value on one of my forms in a date control. It's a valid function and XP accepts the function in code, but crashed when that form opened.

I replaced it with =Now() (since the control is formatted to Short Date the result is the same) and now it works fine.

Note that Date() works fine in code on this PC, it just doesn't like it as the default value of a control.

Good luck with XP!