Hi. I have a command button which searches the 4 textboxes "ItemNumber", "Description", "Unit", and "UnitPrice". (As a sidenote, "Description" is parsed into three other text boxes. just a note.) The problem is that when I search for all products containing the Description "blue" for example, the listbox display will narrow down ALL future searches to just products containing the word blue. Is there no way to make it start searching the whole table again?

Here is my code:

Private Sub cmdSearch_Click()
Dim City As String, State As String, Zip As String

strWhere = "WHERE "

strOrder = "ORDER BY Region6.ItemNumber;"

'Set the WHERE clause for the Listbox RowSource if information has been entered into a field on the form
If Not IsNull(Me.txtItemNumber) Then '<--If the textbox txtItemNumber contains no data THEN do nothing
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.ItemNumber) Like '*" & Me.txtItemNumber & "*' AND" '<--otherwise, apply the LIKE statment to the QueryDef
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtDescription) Then
ParseCSZ txtDescription, City, State, Zip
txtCity = City
txtState = State
txtZip = Zip
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtCity) Then
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.Description) Like '*" & Me.txtCity & "*' AND"
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtState) Then
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.Description) Like '*" & Me.txtState & "*' AND"
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtZip) Then
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.Description) Like '*" & Me.txtZip & "*' AND"
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtUnit) Then
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.Unit) Like '*" & Me.txtUnit & "*' AND"
End If

If Not IsNull(Me.txtUnitPrice) Then
strWhere = strWhere & " (Region6.UnitPrice) Like '*" & Me.txtUnitPrice & "*' AND"
End If

'Remove the last AND from the SQL statment
strWhere = Mid(strWhere, 1, Len(strWhere) - 5)

'Pass the SQL to the RowSource of the listbox

Me.lstCustInfo.RowSource = csSql & strWhere & strOrder

End Sub