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    Question Unanswered: Reconnecting Access 2000 Front End to New Instance of SQLServer 2000

    I recently had to reinstall a new instance of SQLServer 2000, but was unable to use the previous server name. As a result, my Access2000 front end is not happy with it's linked tables. I can't seem to find anyplace within Access to universally change the address of the SQLServer used as the back-end for all linked tables.

    When I do try to access the linked tables through Access, I get an error, and the option to change the server location. When I try to type-in the new SQLServer location, there is an attempt to reconnect to SQLServer, but a whole lot of errors are generated, and none of the data is transferred into the Access table.

    I really don't want to have to re-do my Access front end, so it seems it would be easiest to somehow reinstall SQLServer to have the same server location it used to. Is there a good way to completely erase all traces of SQLServer so that I can have better luck reinstalling it to the same location it used to be in? Just using the uninstall program from SQLServer doesn't seem to be cutting it.


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    Drop the linked tables in Access & reconnect to the new instance of SQL Server. If the instance is not the default instance, you should be able to connect to <servername>\<instancename> and if that doesnt work, try <servername>:<IP_port_number_of_new_instance>


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