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    Unanswered: SQL Server BCP sensitive to OS file properties?

    This problem concerns files FTP'd (using True64) from an AIX app, to an WIN server

    These files can't be loaded into the SQL Server DB using BCP (String data, right truncation) nor into an ACCESS DB ("Overflow"), (but can be loaded into Excel).

    If the file is opened and saved in a Windows/DOS environment it loads fine, or contents copied to an empty win/dos file.

    If the same file is sent from to the Win server using DOS FTP then it loads fine.

    It seems to be that these DBMS's don't like something about the operating system level file properties (hdr or EOF?).

    Can any one help?

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    Its probably a problem with your FTP from AIX. in FTP-ing from UNIX to DOS you need to make sure it FTP's in ASCII mode rather than BINARY. Then the simple unix "new lines" will be converted to "carriage return/line feed".

    Alternatively, why not try FreeTDS ( ? This includes a bcp program which will bcp your data directly into SQL server from your AIX box.
    It works very nicely, I've found.

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