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    Unanswered: Whoisloggedon - Saqib's tool


    Hope you don't mind Saqib, I've downloaded a copy of your little tool for reading who's logged on to a database.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to VB (among other things) I'm completely inexperienced.

    I have a split database and I would very much like to use the Whoisloggedon as a stick to beat individuals who cannot react to the simple request of "Please come out of the database"

    The back end is on a server and has 20 plus tables.
    I know the path and file name etc - its just I haven't got a clue what to change where in the script/program.

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi Richard!...

    No problem!... it is OK, I believe in sharing knowledge.

    What you can do is just import this form in your database and this would start working for your database... It works for shared dbs as well but put it on the backend database and not on the front end if you're using local copies of front end. If you're using a shared front end as well then you can import it to either of them.

    - Saqib

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    Thanks for the help.
    I'll import it when I've got exclusive access later and give it a go.

    I'll let you know how I get on

    Thanks again


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