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    Question Unanswered: Newbie Q : mySQL vs text file

    I need to know which would be the best way to store approx. 500 words of text for a large php/mySQL site.

    There are approximately 2000 users with all regular data (tel, email, address, etc) in a mySQL database. The site needs to be totally converted to dynamic pages (ie: template system) and I would appreciate some advise/info on the matter of how to store the text (which is at present in html pages all over the place).

    I don't know wether to use text files or to store the data in a database. If I chose a database solution I will need to know what data-type to use for the text (varchar/text/blob???).

    Any help / suggestions wil be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd use the MySQL TEXT field type. The maximum length is 65,535 characters.

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