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    What information should I be documenting about a server (SQL) and about the databases found on that server. I was task with this job. Please help.



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    Number one item would be the 'sa' password if your job is to manage the server. Since SQL Server does not allow you to see passwords, only change
    them, this would be the most critical item. Most everything else can be gleaned from looking at the existing database(s) and processes.

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    I would document out your backup/recovery/tape backup/disaster recovery as completely as possible.

    It's always nice to have as part of your data dicitionary what the general purpose is of each database as well. In addition, I like to keep a "server log" that describles what's on it, when patches were applied, etc. This is all more for management thought than anything else.

    Were you given any details about what they're expecting? Your description is rather vague.
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