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    Unhappy Unanswered: Help needed, FTP batch script required for Windows2000

    Hello all,

    Need help in writing FTP batch file in Windows2000. If anybody has the script already please provide me.

    My requirement is this.

    1. The FTP batch file need to be placed in Windows2000 server and schedule to run 1st day of every month through windows scheduler.
    2. The FTP batch has to FTP the ASCII formatted file from UNIX to Windows2000.
    3. ASCII formatted file already placed in UNIX every month by different department in the following format abcdefg_04_07.txt. abcdefg means department, 04 means year, and 07 means month (July).
    4. The FTP script should ftp only that particular month file (based on the run date) from UNIX to windows2000 and copy it as abcdefg.txt.

    I really appreciate you help.

    Thank you,
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