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    Unanswered: Data stream and SQL

    Hi all,

    I am just trying to establish if there is a way that I can capture a direct data stream(feed) from another server and have it input into a table.

    The scenario is -
    I have a PABX that is outputting a stream of data with each record being 83 characters long. Each of the fields is seperated by a space. The end of the record is distinguished by a "Line Feed". The port it is being sent to on my local machine is Port 5000.

    Is this possible to do or not? I know that some of our DB guys who use oracle can do it, I would like to have this as a MSSQL database so that I can use it and manipulate it a bit further.


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    So, the PORT is the output or the port is what you can connect to with TCP?
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    Port 5000 is set on my SQL Server that the information (from PABX) is sent to. So I need to capture information from this allocated TCP port.

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