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    Unanswered: Implementing MSDE on the client

    I'm quite new on MSDE implementation and I'm currently tasked to run the program in the client PC using the MSDE installed, also in the client PC. Is this possible? Or do I still need at least a server in the network for this to work?

    Another thing, I tried installing MSDE and then the program and it actually ran, but when I was trying to log-in, it always gives an error saying the my userID was wrong even though I'm sure it was right. How can I verify the data then?

    In copying the database data file, what I did was write in a CD the .mdf file from my computer which has an SQL Server. And then I copied the .mdf file to the Data folder of my created instance of MSDE.

    By the way, the client is running on Windows 98 but it is not connected in the network.

    Another thing I tried to do in order for me to recheck the data was to install the SQL Server in the client PC but I can't seem to create a server registration.
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