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    Unanswered: dbcc checkstorage

    I am trying to configure dbccdb in order to use dbcc checkstorage. I want to use the default data cache and not a named cache since this command is intended to be executed after working hours. However this is not working. I tried all possible combinations with sp_sbcc_updateconfig and it did not work. Then I dropped dbccdb and retried without specifying sp_sbcc_updateconfig for the cache and it also did not work.
    I would be greatful if someone can help me on this issue. I am ready to give more detailed information is someone is interested in my case.
    Thank you in advance

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    I have never used checkstorage to use the default data cache. It is good to bind the workspaces to seperate named caches.

    Having said that, there is no limitation on using default data cache, except for the fact that you might have to beef up the server with more memory.

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