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    Unanswered: concurrent usres

    Can anybody help me out in solving a critical problem. I have one Back End Stored Function In Oracle which is being by called from Java. It works fine for one user i mean the performance is fine in processing one record at one time. But when concurrent usres are working then the performance is being slowed down for some cases i mean out of 15 cases, it takes time for 2 usres. I checked the SQL statements and found that the performance is being varied from time to time i mean it is not fixed for a perticular statement. So what can i do..

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    Sounds like some sort of locking issue. When you have more than one user are they fighting over updating a particular row. Another possibility is that the code is doing explicit locking like locking a whole table which is affecting concurrency. This can happen when porting code from something like sybase/sql server as the locking strategy is very different.


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