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    Unanswered: first time working with ISQLPUS

    im very new in Oracle and wondering how can i work with ISQLPLUS in local machine ,under windows XP
    i know i should write this in the URL http://host.domain/isqlplus
    but i dont know wht to put insted of the word domain.

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    If you are using the database loaded on the machine you are using, you might try: http://localhost/isqlplus

    In the example you gave, the "host.domain" is simply the network hostname and domain.


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    Thumbs up i solved it

    thnx JoeB for ur help
    the problem was occured cos i was using the wrong port number,
    i was thinking 7778 is the default port .
    any way i fixed it by knowing the port num through a file calld ports.
    from their i got the correct port.
    again thank u for ur help

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