Hi everybody,

I'm currently in the process of designing a MRP (plus alot more) application for a small company. I'm using the default package, access, because I've alot of experience using access, designing robust databases, and using SQL - so I thought access would be perfect - I intend to move to an .adp application when finished with SQLServer (or ideally MSDE, since it's free) for the data structure.

However, I severely underestimated the task. I have a little experience of using VB, but I learned programming on C++. I realised that due to the complexities of MRP, I would habe to write much of the program using conditional statements and loops etc. to make the application, and thought VBA that'll be perfect.

But alas, I have found VBA incredibly difficult. Apart from the huge array of functions and commands (I bought a book on VBA for access and a large chunk of the book is a list of the commands available), many of which are obviously specific to access - hence rendering my previous experience of VB pretty redundant.

Additionally the syntax of SQL is slightly different within VBA, so half my queries don't work, and messing about with quotes is doing my head in.

To the point however, I am now getting paranoid that my application isn't very optimised, and I am concerned about data redundancy. Hence., does anyone know any aources of advice on building MRP systems, and BOM structures to maximise useability without redundancy?

Oh, and finally, I also want to export data from Sage (Line 50) to use in the application. Order Details, Customer Details etc. but don't know how to. I read an article saying that Sage has a strange data structure. Because unless I can export this data, the application will be pretty useless.

Congratulations, you've made i tto the end!