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    Unanswered: query help

    hey all,

    my problem:

    i have a table with 2 fields: Object1 and toObject1

    it Looks like this:

    Object1 toObject1
    10 0
    100 10
    110 10
    200 100

    and so on.
    now i want to know what 'toObjec1'-Fields are under 'Object1-10'.
    the answer in the example must be 100,110,200 because 200 is 'Member' of Object1-100.

    Is it possible to generate a list with one querey? and is it possible to reverse a querey (if i want to know what object1-ids are 'over' 200)?



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    Using client-side code, you can do it using any database engine. Using server-side code, the answer depends on which database engine you are using. With some engines you can, with some you can't.


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