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    Unanswered: Your advice on a union query

    This question has no relation to my previous post.

    I have a database that keeps track for all properties I'm doing a
    title search, with the following tables.

    Property = each property can have multiple Mortgages
    Mortgage = each Mortgage can have multiple Assignments
    Assigned = (Assigned means, one bank sold the mortgage to another

    Any transaction has a Book & Page # and gets entered in the table.

    I would like to have the option of searching by book & page # without knowing what type of transaction it is.

    I’m planning to create a union query
    Here is my question
    The results from the search should only have 4 fields

    Name - Entry Date - Transaction Date – Book & Page #

    This information will be pulled form all tables, and then I want to have the option to view all details for this record.

    What is the best way to handle this? Should I add a button “View Details” to open a new form/Report?
    If so, should it open a different form for each record type?



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    I would say yes to make the button for another form/report, especially if you have one all ready created. Otherwise, you may do subform(s) which could become visible by a command button. Do you have a form/report that is close? Sometimes I use pieces of both form/report to create new ones.

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