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    Unanswered: can I export view result to excel ?

    Good morning all,

    I created a view that selects the rows of the records from a table that matches where condition.
    I need to export the records to excel so I could send it out....
    what is the best way to do?
    Please tell me detail, I don't know much about SQL 2000, still learning.

    Thank you,

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    DTS wizard

    Use the DTS wizard (import and export data in start menu->Microsoft SQL server).

    The wizard will ask you the information needed in order to complete the operation. Select the MS-Excel driver as a destination (as well as the output filename), choose the first options (export tables an views) and select your view in particular.

    Shouldn't be too hard.

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    yes, I was able to do that!
    Thank you!

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