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    Unanswered: Update query problem..

    Hey folks silly query question.

    UPDATE tblDMInfo
    SET rel_office_code = OC.objid
    FROM tblDMInfo DM, tblOfficeCode OC
    WHERE DM.rel_office_code = OC.import_id

    I know that works to do a joined update, but what I really need to do is an aggregate joined update...

    kinda like this

    Update tblAvailCases
    set assoc_sent = count(SD.objid)
    from tblSurveyData SD
    where tblAvailCases.assoc_id = SD.assoc_id
    group by SD.assoc_id

    But I'll confess I don't know how.

    Thanks, Rob

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    For those of you that are curious, the solution is...

    UPDATE tblAvailCases SET assoc_sent = SDSent FROM tblAvailCases AC, (select count(*) [SDSent],assoc_id [SDAssocID] from tblSurveyData group by assoc_id) alAssocCount WHERE AC.assoc_id = alAssocCount.SDAssocID

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