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    Question Unanswered: Looking for help with an SQL query.

    well, i want to select rows by date from a file. but I want
    in particular one sum of values from the rows that fall WITHIN
    a supplied date range, and a second sum of values from the
    rows that have dates FOR ALL TIME UP TO the second date in the date range.

    the former, by itself, might be:

    SELECT id, value RangedValue
    FROM myFile
    WHERE date >= [lower date range value]
    AND date <= [higher date range value]

    and the latter, by itself, might be:

    SELECT id, value AllTimeValue
    FROM myFile
    WHERE date <= [higher date range value]

    but I need to grab the two separate sums (RangedValue and AllTimeValue)
    using one SQL statement.

    I'm thinking that the UNION might work, but my preliminary results are
    taking a huge amount of time, and apparently smegging up the (rather
    stupid, external) report generator to boot.
    If you like the UNION idea, please give me an example.

    I should mention that the report generator at very least can do the
    (summing) part. I could do the summing at either the SQL level or the
    report level. I should also mention that although I only talk about the
    one file here (myFile), in fact I need to join to and pull values from
    its "parent" file, although I don't think that that should change my
    fundamental problem.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers in advance!


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    You could try something like this:
    Select Id
         , Sum(Value) Alltimevalue
         , Sum(Case 
               When Date >= [Lower Date Range Value] Then Value
               Else 0 End) As Rangedvalue
      From Myfile
     Where Date <= [Higher Date Range Value];
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